Can you assist us?

Whilst we have managed to source and catalogue an extensive amount of information about this movie, this site is certainly not complete.  We are interested to hear from anyone who has any additional information.

If you were a cast member, an extra, a member of the production crew, or are simply an interested fan, and can help with any of the following information, or have anything that you feel we may be interested in, please contact us.


TV version

We would like to get a copy of the TV only version of this movie.  Primarily for the gallery section, and associated dialogue changes.  This can be on any format (eg VHS NTSC/PAL, DVD-R, DivX, etc).

Alternatively, if you happen to have a copy, and have the ability to take screen shots and transcribe the dialogue, this is equally acceptable.


As mentioned in the trailers page, Paramount released two trailers for this movie, a teaser trailer and then the theatrical trailer at the movie's release.

We have managed to source a digital copy of the teaser trailer, but we would prefer to have a better quality version.  The teaser trailer appeared on the 1986 VHS release of Pretty In Pink.  If you own a good copy of this video featuring the trailer, and are willing to part with it or make a copy, please contact us.

A version of the teaser trailer probably exists on 35mm film somewhere (most likely in Paramount's possession).  If you do happen to have a copy of the teaser trailer on 35mm film, we would be very interested in obtaining a telecine transfer of it.

"Behind the scenes" production

There exists a short "behind the scenes" production of this film.  The footage runs for about 5 to 15 minutes and features interviews with the cast members discussing their roles and the film in general.

This production was broadcast on cable and satellite TV networks - one such network was the Eurpoean satellite channel, Filmnet (which was transmitted via the Astra satellite in the 1990's).

We would be interested to hear from anyone who has a copy of this production, or can confirm its existence and/or broadcasting on other cable/satellite networks.


We would like to have a complete copy of the script we sourced (or at least the missing page).  We would also be interested to hear from anyone who has an alternative draft, or even a production script.

Filming locations

We would like to track down the remaining filming locations.  We are mostly interested in the Art Museum (external shots), and the Night Club (which the movie calls Club 999).  Secondary locations include the Jewellery Store, and the back alley that Keith and Watts walk down after he withdraws his savings from the bank.

We are also interested to see what these locations look like today.  None of us who maintain this site live in the USA, so we are asking locals for assistance.


In the soundtrack listing, it mentions the use of the song "Pretty In Pink", by the Psychedelic Furs.  Unfortunately, we have not been able to determine whereabouts in this movie the song features.  As does occasionally happen, the song may have been commissioned for use in a scene that was eventually omitted, but for whatever reason, the song was still credited.  Alternatively, it may be used in a very obscure way, or was used as inspiration for an original music score.  Contact us if you know any information.

Cast members

We would like to match up some head shots with some of the remaining cast members.  We are mostly interested in the three actors credited as "Skinhead's Friends", the actor credited as "Amanda's Friend", and the actor credited as "Waitress" (see the trivia page regarding the waitress).  If you happen to know any of the "Party Guests" contact us also.

There are also some cast members not credited.  Contact us, if you happen to know the actor who plays the teacher who rushes out the door when Keith sets off the fire alarm, any of the remaining four car parkers, or the two additional friends with Laura in the Mall scene.

Re-shot or omitted scenes

Although unconfirmed, it is quite clear that a section of the party scene was re-shot at a later stage.  We are interested to find out when the re-shoot occurred, and what prompted it.

Given the major script changes this movie had, we would also like to know if any other scenes were re-shot, or if any scenes were shot that didn't make it into the movie.


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